Activities & Attractions in Vik



From the hotel, the first trailhead is only 5 minutes away by foot and you will find marked trails all around our town and to the top of every mountain. You can also enter the trails from the Vikafjellet road, 900m above the fjord.

See the hiking trails in Vik here or get a recommendation from us when you visit!



If there is something we are good at, it is festivals and joy. Small towns depend on having fun and in both Vik and our neighbouring towns Fresvik and balestrand you will find music festivals and more!

Fres music festival

The Raspberry festival in Vik

Balejazz i Balestrand


The silver ring

Have a guide show you all the cultural treasures in Vik!

The Silver ring is a guided tour of our cultural history, visiting all the attractions. On the tour you will see highlights such as Hopperstad Stave church, Hove stone church, Moahaugane grave mounds and the old town of Vikøyri. The tour is super popular and highly recommended.

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Churches in Vik

Hopperstad Stave church and Hove Stone church are two of the most visited attractions in Vik. The churches play a central role in our towns history and are considered to be Norwegian cultural treasures.

Visit Hopperstad Stave church

Visit Hove Stone church


Food Culture

Vik is known for being the only place in Norway that produces the “Gamalost” cheese and is one of the largest areas for growing Raspberries in Norway. Every year we have a celebration of the cheese and berries,

Join our Gamalost cheese festival

Join out Raspberry festival!



Vik has really good traditions within Biathlon and produces great talents competing in the national championships. Vik has its own Nordic Skiing centre, a summer ski centre and even a roller ski slope in the summer.

If you want to, we are able to give you a small taste of what Biathlon is.

Vidasete Opp.jpg


Did you know….

The locals in Vik are a different breed when it comes to sports. Uphill racing is a big thing, next to biathlon and soccer.

Want to join in on an uphill race? Let us know.



From Vik you can cycle across the Vikafjellet mountain to Myrkdalen ski resort and back! Another gorgeous ride is alongside the fjord to Arnafjord or Fresvik. Let us know where you want to go, and we will help you find the route on the map.


Fishing & Boats

Want to test your fishing skills? The Vikja river is a popular salmon river and you can also try your luck down in the harbour.

Read more about fishing in Vik here.


“Old Cheese” Gamalost

Gamalost, which translates as old cheese, was once a staple of the Norwegian diet. The name might be due to the texture of the surface, or the fact that it is an old tradition, not the ripening which may take as little as two weeks. Like many traditional Norwegian foods, such as flat bread, dry salted meats and stockfish, Gamalost could be stored for long periods without refrigeration. The brownish-yellow cheese is firm, moist, coarse and often granular. 

Bilder Helge Grønningseter Vikøyri naustrekka _DSC0510.jpg

Shorter cultural hikes in town

You don´t have to walk far from the hotel to see some of our cultural treasures. 100m from the hotel you will find the small houses in“Vikøyri”, the old, protected part of town where whole families used to live and work.

Ask for a guide at the hotel, and get the good stories.

badestrondi utan svart ramme Foto Loek Laumans.jpg

For children

Want to go for a swim or just hang out by the fjord? Down by the docks there is a beach and places to sit and enjoy the fjord view. If you ask us we can also point you in the direction of the arenas for soccer, beach volleyball and playground!

“Vik har så uendeleg mykje å by på. Vi held ope heile året. Velkomne til Vik!

— Jorunn Åsfrid Røyrvik, dagleg leiar